Images of Louis-Charles

On this day in 1793, Marie Antoinette was forcibly separated from her son, Louis-Charles.  Here are a collection of images depicting the final days of that tragic little prince. 

If you would like to know more about the day Louis-Charles was separated from his mother, please read my blog piece: On This Day: Adieu ma chère mère

Here is a small gallery if images depicting those final days.

The Temple Prison, where poor
little Louis-Charles was kept
in squalor.

Louis-Charles, at eight-years-old

Louis XVI giving his son, Louis-Charles,
a geography lesson in the Temple

Marie Antoinette being forcibly separated from
her sickly son, Louis-Charles.  She would never
hold him again.

Louis-Charles, son of Marie Antoinette, and one of his
keepers.  Possibly Antoine Simon.

An emotionally charged engraving of
Antoine Simon whipping Louis Charles. 
Madame Simon looking on.

An engraving of Louis-Charles as he
appeared in prison.

A highly idealized and emotional engraving of
Louis-Charles kneeling on a cloud, his hands
clasped in supplication, as the Dove of
Peace brings him a feather.  This image
was produced after Louis-Charles's death.

An lovely engraving of Louis-Charles
as he appeared before being imprisoned.

The heart of Louis-Charles.


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  2. Can you elaborate on the heart of Louis Charles? What was his cause of death? Thanks so much for your blog. It is extremely informative and quite entertaining.


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