Tuesday's Titillating Treasure or Trinket - Bonnetiere

bonnetière is a tall, narrow cabinet with one door that was used throughout the eighteenth century for storing caps (hats) and headdresses. 

Count Amaury de Rougé, owner of Caylus Antiques in France tells me that the bonnetiere were made with pieces of wood called "marotte" or "sidonie" and the origin of the piece was western France. 

"It was used more often in farms to keep hairdresses and laces that were very important for them," Rougé says.This beautiful 18th Century Bonnetiere recently came up for auction.  It is made of oak and has a mellow, reddish-gold patina that only comes with age.  The carvings along the top of the door are of fruit.  To learn more about this particular bonnetiere or to make an offer for purchase, please contact Dimitri Musing at Musing Antiques

The bonnetiere should not be confused with the homme-debout, which was a cabinet with two doors and a drawer at medium height for laces.  (More on the homme-debout and its fascinating history in a future post)

Don't know the difference between a chiffonniere and a balusterThis website has a wonderful glossary of French furniture terms and a knowledge center. 


  1. What a lovely piece of furniture. I wish I could see the carvings a little better.

  2. Jill, Dimitri has more photos loaded on his website and some are up close.

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  4. Thank you so much for this very creative and well-researched site. This is more than a blog. It is a testament to all things "Marie Antoinette." Her memory is surely well-respected. The pictures and finds are amazing and one is transported back in time. I have thoroughly enjoyed all that you have done. Thank you, once again, so very, very much!


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