I Do: Antoinette Style

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, but few imagine themselves wearing a gown encrusted in diamonds.  Few see themselves wedding a man garbed in a suit made of cloth of gold.  And few envision themselves holding wedding celebrations that include a fireworks display of 20,000 rockets... (read more titillating tidbits about Marie Antoinette's wedding by clicking here)

...but then, few are born Marie Antoinette, daughter of a rich and powerful empress!

Just because your blood is of the common, red variety, doesn't mean you can't look (and party) like a blue-blooded bride.

Ms. Polkadot of Polkadot Bride says, "A Marie Antoinette wedding theme captures the beauty and drama of the French Baroque era. Opulence and luxury are in favour alongside all things decadent and ornate."  Cakes decorated with sugared almonds, hand fans as party favors, and pink champagne are a few of Ms. Polkadot's ideas for a Baroque-Inspired Wedding.  Lean about more of her ideas by reading this article.  

It Starts With the Invite

I scoured the internet to find the most lovely and unique Marie Antoinette-inspired wedding announcements, invitations, and thank you cards. 

I found these one-of-a-kind, hand painted beauties on the blog, Muddy Brushes, and decided they were truly the most lovely and unique ones out there.

The artist, Kristy Rice of Monumental Design, said she, "went with a shimmery champagne top layer so the painted swirls and flower really popped. A pattern, pink outer layer was a fun experiment to add more texture and dimension."

I think they are tres magnifique, don't you?

For the Drama Queen

If you are the theatrical type and are looking for something less traditional, you might want to click on over to Sugar Kei. These elaborately-concocted, Marie Antoinette-inspired gowns of frills and frippery are fabulous redux! (Even spinsters and committed singletons will want to take a moment to look at these spectacular gowns)

Let Them Eat Cake...Seriously!
Marie Antoinette Cake
by Cake Coquette
By now, we all know Marie Antoinette never uttered the callous remark, "Let them eat cake."  Even so, if she had seen this confectionary masterpiece created by Cake Coquette, I am sure she would have proudly proclaimed, "Cake for everyone!" 

Cake Designer Gabrielle Feuersinger, owner of Cake Coquette in San Francisco, California, iced the cake in pink butteream and hand-piped the scroll details in buttercream and then painted them in edible gold. She made the cameos, bands and bow with bronze painted fondant. The topper?  Feuersinger ordered the charming cake topper from, Ladurée, one of my favorite Paris patisseries.

What to wear to the nuptial chamber?

You've dutifully planned the details of your royal wedding, but now it's time to shift your focus a tit...err...a bit...to your wedding night! What does a royal princess wear in the nuptial chamber? How about one of these sinfully sweet corsets designed by Madame Dulcilbelle(The wig is optional)

Maya Hansen Corsetry also has a Marie Antoinette-inspired corset with couture finishings that is sure to give your prince palpatations!

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  1. What a FUN blog post! Thanks Leah Marie.

  2. Veronique ValentinMay 17, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    I love the invites but the corset is too much! That is blush-worthy! Where do you find these things?

  3. Those invitations are so beautiful!



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