A Note on Marie Antoinette's Harp

Marie Antoinette did not enjoy traditional educational settings, but she did love to learn about music.  She was a passionate patron of the arts, championing the musician Gluck, and a gifted harp player.
Jean-Henri Naderman, a master luthier, made this beautiful instrument for Marie Antoinette and delivered it to Versailles on her 19th birthday in 1774. 
The sound board was hand painted, depicting Minerva, the patroness of artists.  
Marie Antoinette would often play lullabies on this harp to soothe her active son, Louis Charles.
This harp is now the property of the Musee Mincipal, Vendome.
If you would like to hear one of Gluck's pieces being played on a harp, please click on the movie below.

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  1. I did not realize Marie Antoinette was a harpist herself. Also, that harp is really beautiful. I wonder how much would that piece cost by now. Do they still use it even only on special occasions?

    1. As far as I know, Marie Antoinette's harp is not used expect when being conditioned.

  2. Beautiful harp. This is just one of my many masterpiece of Jean-Henri Naderman who's considered one of the most famous harpists of all time.

  3. This blog is fabulous! I love the harp playing. I love Marie Antoinette and there are so many interesting things about her on here. Thank you!!!!

  4. So many things her own people did not know about her...as she did not know anything about them. Enchanting lady she seems to have been Thank you for the information.


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