Mother's Day: Marie Antoinette Style

This charming portrait of Marie Antoinette with two of her three children, Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France and Dauphin Louis Joseph of France, was painted in May 1785 by Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun.  Behind them is the Temple de l'Armour, a beautiful pavilion designed by Richard Mique and constructed in the informal gardens at La Petite Trianon. 

One can't help but wonder if Antoinette sensed what was to come and elected to have this portrait painted to serve evidence of her uncommon love for and devotion to her children. 

Many have accused her of capriciousness and vice, but only the most wicked have suggested she did not adore her children.

This Mother's Day, I hope you take a moment to silently give thanks for the woman who gave you life.  And if you are a mother, take a cue from Antoinette, and cherish your children before it is too late.  All the best.


  1. How thoughtful of you to choose such a lovely painting for Mother's Day! Hoping that you are enjoying your children and remembering your mother too. I took a reminiscent look at photos of my mother today too, and she was a beauty!

  2. Thank you! I had a nice, mellow Mother's Day and hope you did, too.


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