Tuesday's Treasure: Marie Antoinette's Ice Cup Stand

Sèvres Footed Ice Cup Stand from the service de la Reine

This ice-cup stand, designed to hold twelve tasses à glace, was made by Sèvres for Marie Antoinette as part of a 239-piece dinner set.  It was delivered to the queen on August 26, 1874. 

According to Christie's Auctions, "In January 1784, Marie-Antoinette commissioned from Sèvres a sumptuous dinner service for her use at Versailles. However, upon its completion in May of that year, it was given instead by Louis XVI to Gustav III as a diplomatic gift commemorating the Swedish king's visit to France. Not to be long denied, Marie-Antoinette received her own service, in the exact same pattern and design and of the same composition plus an additional 24 large oval and round platters, on 26 August 1784. Five years later, a third service in the same pattern, described in the factory's records as décoration riche en couleurs et riche en or de la reine was commissioned by Marie-Antoinette's sister-in-law, the Comtesse d'Artois." 

The Salon of the Grand Couvert - Didier Rykner


  1. Gorgeous set...I wish I could go back in time and witness a dinner party with Marie Antoinette...


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