Tuesday's Treasure: Marie Antoinette's Books

Can you believe these beautiful Morrocan leather bound books that once belonged to Marie Antoinette were sold a few years ago at auction?

As a writer and ardent admirer of the French queen, I can't ever imagine owning such treasures - let alone parting with them!

The Latin and French books are bound in citron moroccan leather and have triple gilt fillet borders.  The covers are stamped with Marie Antoinette's coat of arms.  

The titles are:

L'Office de la semaine sainte, à l'usage de la maison du roi by the Abbot of Bellegarde

Les Plaideurs by Jean Baptiste Racine

Officium parvum B. Mariæ Virginis, ad usum ordinis Cisterciensis.

Histoire des Celtes...nouvelle édition by Simon Pelloutier


  1. It's a shame they didn't go to Versailles.

  2. A moroccan leather and gilt prayer book sold on ebay in 2003 that belonged to Marie Antoinette and had her coat of arms on the front. They ware asking $5,000.

  3. I would love to own something that had once been read and loved by our gracious Queen.

  4. Andrew1860 ~Is it crazy that I would gladly spend that much (provided I had it) for a book that was once held by Marie Antoinette?

  5. EKM ~ My kindred spirit ~

    I am headed to France in September and shall keep my eyes open for trinkets once belonging to our beloved queen...some for you and some for moi! ;)

  6. These are gorgeous and in such beautiful shape. Really really neat! (I wonder who owns them now...)

  7. I agree, Leah! If I had $5,000 to spend on something that had once belonged to Marie Antoinette, I wouldn't think twice. If I had the opportunity and not enough money, I'd seriously consider putting it on Mastercard - because it would be Priceless. My dream is to discover such a treasure at Les Puces or some random, obscure old bookstore in Paris. Would that not be amazing?!

  8. Hello, my name is Daniel. I own books owned by Marie Antoinette and a document signed by her at Versailles, as well as other books, including books owned and used by her two young boys; the dauphins, and printed for their education. The website is: www.danielbibb.com


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